Sohana Gupta
3 min readJan 24, 2021



As a Final year Student,I don’t have any job in my hand.I am getting frustrated what to do,how to proceed.I always want to be a Software Engineer.Due to no job,I cannot started my career as software Development.One Day I saw the u tube channel of Riddhi Dutta telling about the crio Externship programme.Then I thought that this is the best way to start my career as a Software Development.I thought that some magic will happen after completing the crio programme.I will try my level best to pass each and every stage.As a Software Engineer,I always wanted to learn new technology.I thought that crio is the best platform to start my career.I wanted to thank Riddhi Dutta and other crio members for the crio Externship programme

What is CRIO?

Crio.do is a platform that empowers developers to crack real-world industry problems and ‘learn by doing’ with a mission to empower developers with high-quality applied-learning opportunities at scale and nurture the country’s product development talent to create great products.

What is CWoD?

Crio Winter of Doing is a one of a kind program focussed onbringing together budding engineering talent to work on challenging projects for the most exciting startups in the country. Perks of CWoD-

  1. Work on challenging tech projects (externships) from exciting startups

2. Interact with the biggest names in India’s tech industry

3. Participate in engaging Masterclass sessions from top engineers in the country

4. Get discovered by Crio’s hiring partners

It is divided in 3 stages.

STAGE 1- Warm-Up

  • Complete Crio’s hands-on learning modules and pick up essential developer skills (HTTP + REST API + Linux)
  • Demystify Cloud with a Cloud 101 Masterclass and a crio learning module on AWS
  • Get introduced to Full-Stack development by building a beautiful portfolio for yourself

STAGE 2- Preparation

  • Complete Crio’s hands-on learning modules to ramp up your programming language skills
  • Get introduced to backend and frontend concepts and the tech stacks required for the externship
  • Complete a timed coding challenge in any language of your choice.
  • Complete a mini-project (Project details to be revealed closer to this stage)

STAGE 3- Externships (Projects)

  • Get assigned to an externship project based on your performance and fit
  • Deliver the project as per the project plan and demo the final project to the company

My Experience of CWoD stage 1:-

As I don’t have any knowledge of Http,Rest,Linux,Aws,Git before entering into programme.I thought that I will not able to pass each and every stage.when I started with http bytes,I got to know many things about http which is essential for Developers,when I got stuck many people helped me to learn about http and other bytes.Each and every mentors in crio are so good and helpful,now I am feeling confidence about https.In each and every bytes,there is a module.Every modules are best.Similarly with other.After completing all these Bytes there were three Micro-Experiences (HTML AND CSS, Javascript and QProfile). After I finished all these Micro-Experience I started with QProfile.As a web Developer,I know how to build Qprofile,I was pretty much confidence about the Qprofile. When I started with QProfile while going through modules and performing those commands everything went so smooth and I deployed Full Stack Application.Here is the link https://the-awesome-sohana-site.netlify.app/.

Apart from these there were also some fun activities like Sherlock and also MemeWar. I also got to interact with biggest faces in tech world Karan MV (Developer Relations GitHub), Binny Bansal Co-Founder (Flipkart), Vivek Ravisankar Co-Founder (HackerRank).

Overall It was a extremely great and Funny Experience.Finally I completed stage 1 journey.Now I am happy that I will started my stage 2 journey.Finally I learned many thing with hand on Ecperience.I want to thank crio team for giving me this opportunity.